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[SilverSpoonSterlingShackles]Episode7-12 Thoughts









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Not written by me, Part 1-6 are here 

Tavia plays “hard to get” and gets exactly what she wants..

In episodes 7, 8 and 9 of [Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles], Tavia’s disappointment and helplessness comes to a slight halt, with her turning the tables on Damian. When Tavia deliberately leaks rumours of her relationship with Damian to the media, he tells her he’s never been interested in her. This was a real slap in the face for Tavia, but it only fueled her determination to make him change his mind.

Tavia starts clinging onto another lawyer (Damian’s acquaintance) which alerts his attention. She buys brand new clothing, perfume and even learns some English so she could feel more classy. Her actions are very similar to a girl who just got dumped, and is trying hard to show how much better off and happier she is without him (except she actually wants him). Clearly this method is working for her, as Damian is starting to feel very irritable, and starts yearning for her when issues arise between him and Idy (more about this later) I feel a little sorry for him..

When Tavia auctions off the chessboard and necklace that he had given to her, he becomes visibility upset by this. He had put a lot of thought behind the present and clearly didn’t like the way she treated it. This shows that she means more to him than he would like to admit. Damian ends up being the highest bidder and later urges Tavia to take it back. She eventually does so, but promptly tosses it in the bin which angers him.

Next comes the dramatic scene where the two are pushing and tugging the chess box and all the pieces start flying everywhere. Tavia loses her cool and starts yelling and screaming at Damian while throwing the pieces at him. So much angst going on here! He eventually lunges forward, grabs onto her and forces himself on her. Here comes the infamous lip-biting scene between the two.. personally, I thought it looked weird, especially the few moments where they just stared at each other (and his lips are stuck between her teeth…) @_@ Does this not look awkward to anyone else…?

And of course, kissing passionately works as a charm to mend relationships ;D (though, the age gap…is a bit… ..)

The two eventually make love, with Tavia waking up the next morning feeling like the luckiest woman alive… but this excitement is short-lived. She sees Damian standing outside on their bedroom balcony, and she sneaks up from behind him to give him a cheeky surprise. However, Damian suddenly turns around and snaps at her angrily to back off. This startles both of them (myself included), with Tavia having the most “WTFJUSTHAPPENED” face. It was kinda..hilarious..lol (Oh Chibi is so mean) Tavia quickly realises Damian was thinking about Idy (I’m not even sure how she figured this out) and he responds in a very..strange manner. I can’t quite pin point what it was, but it was awkward. Damian seems a bit messed up and is a little torn over what to do about Tavia now. All Tavia’s efforts seem to have gone down the drain, with her back in tears over the harsh reality of loving a married man. He cannot offer her any more but material goods and possession. It almost seemed like it was just a meaningless one-night stand. The path in front of her isn’t going to be an easy one… not unless Damian stands by her too.

Idy and Damian’s trust issues

A key contributor that brought Damian and Tavia closer though is Idy. If it wasn’t for Idy, Damian would probably never had thought about Tavia. So in a sense, Tavia was lucky in terms of timing. During this time, Idy snuck off to see Ben alone and this causes much unneeded tension between her and Damian. This makes me a little annoyed with Idy. I feel like she’s displaying hypocrisy when she claims she and Ben are just “friends”, but she goes and sees him in secret. Clearly they still have feelings for each other… but who can blame them? They were once truly in love… I also quite admire Ben’s character at this point, when he reveals his past story and the struggles he went through to get to where he is today. What’s interesting to note is that Damian currently has 3 wives. Ben? None. His feelings for Idy is undoubtedly very strong.

Idy’s way of approaching this situation is a bit of a double edge sword. She’s not achieving anything by being stubborn and ignoring Damian. She tried this before and it didn’t work (when they previously argued over Ben) I don’t like where this ones heading. I’m not a relationship guru, but accusing your husband and defending an ex-lover is bound to cause trouble. No?

I hate it when characters overhear half of the story and then claim they know the full story. Jimmy (Damian’s second son played by Vincent Wong) decided to pull a prank on Ben in hopes to screw with his business, thinking it would help his father. However, this ends up causing problems instead, with Ben and Idy both thinking it was Damian’s idea. He’s not the type of guy to use dirty tricks, so I was really disappointed in Idy when she believed he could do such a thing.

I wanted to pull my hair out when she said “I heard everything” NO LADY YOU DID NOT HEAR EVERYTHING. SIGH. Communication is a vital part to any successful relationship, but no one here wants to listen. Damian has his ego and feels that Idy should be the one who needs to understand him. But she doesn’t. So HE SHOULD JUST TELL HER. If there’s anything we can learn from TV dramas about relationships, it’s that by simply talking to the person, misunderstandings can be cleared up 99% of the time. The sour relationship between Damian and Idy is leading him off astray, making him think of Tavia to ease his pain. This behaviour breaks a lot of marriages. Do I blame Tavia for being the home wrecker? Not really. Is it Damian’s fault for looking elsewhere? Would he go looking for another woman if Idy wasn’t upset with him and mistrusting him? Would Idy believe Damian if he told her the truth?  It’s all very grey. It’s also very real. I feel like this aspect of the story was well written.

Growing friendship between Kenneth and Rebecca

Meanwhile, I’m still finding Ron’s character annoying and unlikable. He doesn’t trust other people, especially those that are rich and powerful (like Kenneth), which he rehashes over and over again to Rebecca. Kenneth did so much to help them; including winning a case in court for them without charging any money. It’s ridiculously unreasonable for him to expect justice to be completely served. I feel like Ron is just being naive and unrealistic, which is ironic since he thinks he knows about the real world. Kenneth has already done way beyond anyone else would do to help them and all he gets is this kind of ungratefulness. His acting is also very exaggerated and over the top.. so I don’t really enjoy watching his scenes. Funnily enough, his cop bother seems a little more tolerable and the only reason I can still watch them is because of Rebecca. I still think she’s cute XD She is a little naive, so it’s a good thing the person she’s trusting is Kenneth. I like how Kenneth lets out a genuine smile, when Rebecca thanks him for everything he’s done. I’m interested to see how their relationship develops :)

I guess what I’m wondering right now is… Are Tavia and Damian really in love? I feel like he likes her, but the one he loves most is Idy. The idea is a bit strange to me when someone loves more than one person… how can you truly love someone when you have multiple lovers? What do you think of these events? Were you rooting for Tavia, or hoping her plan fails? From what she says to him (during the break-up scene) she truly loves him, and doesn’t mind that he loves someone else more. I’m confused though, because it’s hard for me to comprehend the idea that she would fall in love with someone as old as her father, not for the money, or status or power.. and to be so selfless all in the name of love. 

Idy encourages Damian to pursue Tavia

Yes, you heard right. Idy makes the absurd and ridiculous decision to hook Damian up with Tavia. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THINKING? What woman encourages her husband to love another woman, AND goes through the effort to make sure she marries him too?! IS SHE CRAZY? I’m finding Idy’s character increasingly annoying and irritating. I want to pull my hair out every time she’s on the screen because everything she says is just plain stupid. Knowing she doesn’t love Damian wholeheartedly, she wants to make herself feel less guilty by allowing him to love someone else. On paper, it may seem like a selfless and generous act, but the reality is she’s just selfish. When things aren’t looking good in a relationship, you work harder to make it work. If he thinks you don’t love him enough, you show him you love him.

Instead, we have her constantly telling Damian that Tavia loves him- What is the basis for this claim anyway? From the one conversation with her? How much does she even know about them? She just wants to shift the focus back on Damian, when the issue is really about her relationship with Ben.  If she truly loved him, she wouldn’t want him looking at another woman. I hate seeing her give up on their relationship when she didn’t do a SINGLE THING to mend it. She seems rather content being in a ‘loveless’ marriage (Pretty ungrateful considering Damian loves her the most).  It annoys me how Idy forces a awkward smile like nothing is wrong and that she’s happy for him. Every time she pushes him away, it just crushes him more.

Eventually, Damian decides to pursue Tavia and straight-out proposes to her.

Damian proposes to Tavia, and promises her she will be his last woman. Who could say no to that?

Did anyone else find this whole ideal frustrating to watch? I’m so disappointed by her character.. (I was rooting for her god dammit!) I wonder if she’ll be able to redeem herself and save her from going into Chibi’s “hate list” urgh.

Did she ever stop to consider how it would affect the rest of the family? Does he not have enough wives already? What about Mary and Elena? What about the children? Does she think she’s doing Damian and everyone a favour? She’s so fake. I haven’t seen a single scene where Idy shows genuine love for him. I don’t understand what Damian sees in her.

This is a worrying stance. Considering Idy is technically one of the female leads of this series, I sure hope her character does..something. So far it’s way below my expectation though having said that there is still over 20 episodes to go! Fingers crossed it will get better for her.

And the family turns upside down…

Elena and Mary clearly angered and upset over the news

As expected, a lot of conflict and tension arises in the family with all the members very upset over Damian’s decision to marry Tavia. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Tavia? Cause I don’t. I’m actually siding with Mary and Elena at this point. Their reasons for being angry and upset are understandable, especially since the wives come from such wealthy backgrounds, while Tavia is a nobody. I found these scenes to be very well done and very emotional. I think one of this series’ strong point is the great casting and strong acting. Elena in particular really stood out in these scenes, where she clearly conveys her anger over the news. Mary also did a really good job portraying the traditional wife role who puts her husband first no matter how displeased she is, being torn between keeping Damian happy (being her responsibility) and to look at her own feelings. This is shown in the scene where Sire shows up in her room in tears, claiming she hates her father, to which she responds that’s it’s not proper. She is disciplined, knows her place in the family and acts in a manner which proves why she’s capable as his first lady. This restores some of my faith in the Chung family.

All smiles for Idy, until she’s alone in her room… Look lady, no one said you had to do this.

While Damian is trying to organise the wedding details and preparations, Elena shows her displeasure, and is the most stubborn in terms of accepting Tavia. Although she is extremely reluctant for Damian to have his way, there is essentially nothing she can do. She constantly belittles Tavia for being cheap/fake and picks on her whenever she can. This was all bound to happen, and really, part of the package in marrying a man with several lovers…

Tavia faces a series of challenge

A blossoming love triangle: Ron, Rebecca and Kenneth

Meanwhile….I’m undecided on who I want Rebecca to be with :3 I think she’s really cute with both Kenneth and Ron; and they both find her endearing! I really like the chemistry she shares with them. We all know she eventually ends up with Kenneth (it’s all over posters and opening theme clips) but I’m really curious to see how it gets to that point. We’re starting to see more obvious signs that Rebecca sees Ron more than just a brother, with her being rather jealous when she heard Ron was at the brothel. Ron is also very protective of her, threatening Kenneth to back off when he finds him particularly close to her. It’s really really cute. We also learn of Rebecca’s sad pitiful past, with the death of her innocent father being indirectly related to Damian. This sure adds a level of guilt to Kenneth; who would only feel more inclined to help her as much as he can.

Rebecca tells Kenneth about her past

We are also introduced to Rebecca’s long lost younger sister Kwai Siu-yu (季小茹) (Played by Bella Lam), who Ron happens to stumble across in a brothel. I’m actually quite liking this side-story. It’s nice to get away from the main Chung family issues and look at difference issues.

小豬這周一定要中Mark 6

参与松居书籍:《碧海情天》,《男人之苦》, 《原来爱上贼》和 《天地孩儿》http://bbs.lauchungyan.com/viewt ... &extra=page%3D1








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When this series was airing in HK, I was extremely busy with a project at work.  That project finally got done and went out last week.  This week I started watching this series and I find the relationships in the Chung family to be very structured.  Everyone in the family has their role and knows when it is the right timing for them to speak.  This maintains that balance in the family.  However, we soon see this balance start to fall apart with Ben and Tavia's appearances.

I find the trust issues between Arthur and Idy sad because neither of them believe one another.   Arthur loves Idy the most but I don't understand how can one love someone this much and have the relationship turn so bad.  I feel that Idy's character does not do a good job on opening up to Arthur and at the same time Arthur is not a good enough listener.   I was extremely disappointed in her when she believe that Arthur played dirty tricks when doing business with Ben.   After all these years of marriage, she thinks so lowly of him!!!  I also don't quite understand how a wife can tell her husband to pursue another woman.  No wonder Arthur feels that Idy loves someone else.

So far, I like the story between Arthur and Tavia.  However,  I find it horrible that Arthur used Tavia to make Idy jealous.  This can't be a healthy good solution for a marriage.   Anyhow, as time progress, it seem like Arthur does really care for Tavia and she does the same for him.  I think that is very sweet.  The lip biting scene was a surprised for me as I never expected it but at the same time I think it expressed how the characters felt about each other very well, especially the love and the frustration of Tavia's character towards Arthur.  The scene where Arthur proposed to Tavia was very romantic.  Arthur is definitely good at pursuing woman yet somehow he fails at maintaining the trust with Idy.  

As for Arthur's view on justice, I don't like them.  I think I am more the ideal type like Kenneth's character.   I do find it interesting on how the show depicts business back then with the British. Everything is about relationships and networking.  I guess not too much difference from the business world today.  

For other characters,  I find Rebecca's back story interesting.  However, I do not care for her romance with Ron as I have grew to like their brother and sister relationship.  I think Kenneth's methods to pursue the love of his life are like polar opposite from his father's.  His brother, Vincent's character is not likeable.  For some reason I like Arthur more than Jimmy.  Maybe I am a bit bias, but I feel that Arthur's character is more truthful even though he has 4 wives.

I can't wait to see the next episodes.  Thank you for posting this review.

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